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Subclipse is an Eclipse plug-in which provides Subversion support for Eclipse.



Subclipse can easily be installed through Eclipse Update Manager.

Add Update Site

  • Add the following Subclipse repository as the Eclipse Update site through the Eclipse Update Manager.

(Eclipse 3.2/Callisto, 3.3/Europa, 3.4/Ganymede)

Version 1.4.x:
  • The latest version released: 1.6.x
Version 1.6.x:


Version 1.4.x

-Expand the Subclipse update site then there should be three sub-categories from it.

+Subclipse Integrations
+Subclipse SVNKit Option

  • Select All components in the Sub-category named Subclipse and SVNKit Client Adapter in the Subclipse Integrations.
*├Subclipse - Required
*├Subversion Client Adapter - Required
*├Subversion Native Library Adapter (JavaHL) - Strongly Recommended
*└Subversion Revision Graph

 +Subclipse Integrations

 -Subclipse SVNKit Option
 ├JNA Library
*├SVNKit Client Adapter
 └SVNKit Library

-*: Selected

  • Install the selected components

Version 1.6.x

-Expand the Subclipse update site then there should be three sub-categories under it.

+Core SVNKit Library (required)
+Optional JNA Library (recommended)
  • Select All the components.
 -Core SVNKit Library (required)
v└SVNKit Library
 -Optional JNA Library (recommended)
v└JNA Library
v├CollabNet Merge Client
v├Subclipse (Required)
v├Subclipse Integration for Mylyn 3.x (Optional)
v├Subversion Client Adapter (Required)
v├Subversion JavaHL Native Library Adapter (Required)
v├Subversion Revision Graph
v└SVNKit Client Adapter (Not required)

-v: Selected

(Even though it says SVNKit Client Adapter is not required, this should be installed otherwise subclipse will complain that the Client Adapter cannot be found when access an svn).

  • Click the 'Install' button


Ignore binary files when committing

-'Window' menu -> 'Preferences' -> 'Team' -> 'Ignored Resources'

-Click the 'Add Pattern' and enter


-Click the 'OK' button

-Click the 'Add Pattern' and enter


-Click the 'OK' button

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