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Known Problem

  • If Linux stalls on reloading mail transport agent with the following message.
* Reloading Mail Transport Agent (MTA) sendmail

Add the domain name of the computer where the sendmail is running to /etc/hosts file       localhost

However, if you use gmail linking to your server as the email server, do not put that. Otherwise sendmail will send an email to your server instead of the gmail server.

If you are using an external email service like Google Apps and when the server sends the sends an email, it doesn't send the email properly or when it sends an email to any eamil address that has the same domain name as the server and it's suppsed to be delivered to the Google Apps', yet the local server gets it, try the following instructions.

  • Add the domain name to /etc/hosts. It should come first.
# e.g.)
$ vim /etc/hosts  localhost.localdomain  localhost  hostname
  • Add the following lines to the end of the /etc/mail/ file.
define(`MAIL_HUB', `')dnl
define(`LOCAL_RELAY', `')dnl
  • Then reconfigure and restart sendmail.
$ sendmailconfig 
$ service sendmail restart 
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