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Aptana Studio is an open source IDE for developing Ajax web applications.



Add Update Site

  • Add the following Aptana update site in the Eclipse Update Manager.
*The current version (2.0) - better check out the Aptana website.

Eclipse 3.4

Eclipse 3.2 or 3.3


Old Version

  1. Select the checkbox on the Aptana update site entry.
  2. Click the Install button
  3. It will ask to restart
  4. Restart Eclipse
  5. Aptana Studio Installer will appear
  6. Select the components and Install these.

New Version (Aptana Studio 1.5.x or later)

  1. Expand the Aptana Studio Update Site entry.
  2. Select the components to install. (e.g. Aptana Studio and all the components under Uncategorized except the Aptana Studio Professional).
  3. Click the Install button
  4. It will ask to restart
  5. Restart Eclipse
  6. It will ask you to install additional plugins. -> do whatever you want.
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